Kitchen Design & Stone Benchtop Manufacturing

Stone Kitchen Bench Manufacturing Specialists

    Undermount Sink

    These are sinks that sit under your benchtop creating a clean line to your benchtop. We cut these on our Breton NC260 overhead router to the sink manufactures specifications.

    Sink Drainer Grooves

    Machined on our NC260 over head router making the imaginable happen. Sink drainer grooves are usually done in conjuction with your undermount sink as a set of 5 grooves, however, you could have more or less depending on your requirements.


    For warranty purposes additional support is required for overhangs if they exceed 300mm for 20mm reconstituted/engineered stone tops and 400mm for 30mm reconstituted/engineered stone tops this should be addressed at design stage to incorporate the additional support in the kitchen design.

    20mm Edge Profiles

    • 20 mm Pencil Round
      Pencil Round Edge Stone Benchtop
    • 20 mm Arris Polished
    • Mitred Apron
    • 180° Bullnose
    • 20 mm Bevel

    40mm Edge Profiles

    • 40mm Pencil Round
    • 40mm Arris Polished
    • Double 180° Bullnose
    • Double Half Bullnose 40mm
    • 40mm Bevel

    Cutout types

    Consider what cutouts may be required on benches


    We recommend and use Dry Treat when sealing natural stone. Reconstituted stone does not require sealing as it is already stain resistant.